The 3L studio company was founded as a family business of a father and two sons. The fusion of our experience from former operations on both building and real-estate markets led to an interesting portfolio of services, which are currently provided mainly to developers and private investors. Our team of 10 regular employees and several external co-workers is managed from the Prague head office; however the scope of our activity covers the whole Czech Republic.

Since 2006 preparation and administrative support of grant applications in a wide range of grant programmes have been a significant activity of 3L studio. The clients in this segment of our services are municipalities of various sizes, our signboard being the success rate of the applications we have prepared.

The management of our company is based on the philosophy of a family business with a great part of co-decision and loyalty. Our work-team is compact and very effective as far as commitment is concerned. Our objective is a satisfied customer whom we can start long-term cooperation with and execute our thorough approach to all stages of each particular project.